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Since 2001, Designosaur Graphics have been steadily stepping up the evolutionary ladder to meet the ever challenging and increasing demands in global advertising. The digital age era has been quick, relentless and sometimes ruthless… for that, we’ve always kept our teeth sharp with competitive and relevant designs.

2015  – We’ve just stepped up the evolutionary ladder again and evolved into a bigger and better design service company. From hereon we are now rebranded as DGI VisCom (Designosaur Graphics Inc. Visual Communications).

Don’t worry, we’re stilll the same old Designosaurs who believes in the primeval strength of design, the fusion of new age ideas and old school discipline… we’ve just evolved to something special to serve old and new clients better.


Designosaur Graphics' evolution began in 2001. Started as a no-frills-no-fuss design firm for print advertising, DGI evolved to provide interactive multimedia and web design services to compete with the fast evolving digital era in advertising. Ever since then, we have continued to evolve and adapt to our clients' needs.

DGI VisCom’s evolution-revolution led us to land clients in Europe, North America and South Asia. Our design discipline and standards are truly world class. Check out our Gallery and see for yourself our creative offsprings.

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