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D I G I T A L    G R A P H I C S


The digital age

We at DGI VisCom continuously evolve in these ever-changing and exciting technological times. Our design paleontologists meticulously and incessantly excavate the latest trends in design and technology to provide you the cutting edge internet presence you require.



P R I N T   G R A P H I C S

portfolio-icon-graphics-pageGraphic fossil-bilities

Graphic print design is where DGI VisCom soars and roars! Print advertising design has always been in our DNA since the beginning; we slice, dice and splice every kind of print design gene to breed new fascinating creations – from fledging coupons, soaring print ads to ginormous billboards. Our creative hatchery is truly a foundry of graphic possibilities.



I D E N T I T Y   G R A P H I C S

portfolio-icon-identity-pageFirst impressions count

Logo branding is as important as first impressions. That’s why, we at DGI VisCom  make sure that your brand identity and integrity are intact whenever we develop a design.

We’ll make sure your branding will have that lasting impression whenever and wherever it goes… and who knows, it may last as long as a priceless million year old fossil impression as well.




portfolio-icon-infographics-pageGet the word across

Infographics gets the word across – big or small, young or old, green or purple, nothing beats infographics to get the job done. Complex data and enormous size information can be cognitively processed quickly with the help of correct and efficient graphic visualization that enhances the human visual system’s ability to recognize patterns and trends.

DGI VisCom can help you create that effective infographic you require. Check out some of our designs below and get in touch with us to start a project.